Write down three things you really love about yourself and look at it daily.


Write down three things you really love about yourself and look at it daily. For at least a month!

Yes, if you write down three things you love about yourself and place it somewhere you see it, and can focus on it for just 1-minute every day, for a month, you are creating neuropathways for self-love that will serve your health and happiness…and beauty.

Self inquiry is under-utilized. It’s fun and productive to contemplate what you love about yourself!

What we focus on grows. This is the law of the universe, albeit very misunderstood.

What we measure grows, because in the measuring of it, we are focusing on it.

If you want to run faster or further, you measure your results, and therefore, improve your results.

If you want to heal your body, focus on loving your body, mind and spirit.

If you remember and celebrate (measure) what you love about yourself, those qualities will grow and so will the resulting energetic field.

Enjoy this fun activity. I love to get my favorite colored pens and blank white paper and create something beautiful to look at every day, but feel free to write it any way you like, even typed into your phone if that’s your preferred method.

However, many more neurons fire in the brain when you write pen to paper. It’s in the focusing on it for at least 60 seconds every day that the majority of neuro-building is done. We tend to have a more significant emotional response to something we have handwritten.

I celebrate you,

Dr. Blythe


An Orgasm a day,

..keeps the doctor away Blythe.
An orgasm tones up the endocrine system like no medication can, balancing our hormone levels.
Having the correct levels in your body means you have energy, a healthy metabolism, good mental clarity. It also means you will be more fertile, and protected from cancers of the ovaries, breast and testicles.
Our hormone levels are a delicate symphony that can be thrown off-key by simple things like a glass of wine, too much sugar, not enough exercise or too little sex. And by sex, I don’t necessarily mean with a partner.
Throwing hormones off-balance with diet and lifestyle leads to weigh gain, sluggishness, and much more serious conditions. There is a simple and quite pleasurable solution awaiting you…
Having a daily orgasm boosts low hormone levels and regulates high ones.
You know it’s good for you because well, it’s good, right?! A natural gift of life to be used and enjoyed.
No need to rely on a partner to provide us with this gift.
Guys don’t usually have trouble in the self-love area, but to my lady friends, if you want a suggestion for a vibrating friend to bring you to climax, my favorite products are from Lelo and their sister company Intamina.
They are made with high-quality materials and look classy (these are the things a woman wants) More importantly, they do the job.
You got the prescription, right?
To Your Health,
Dr. Blythe

Healing Audio Training Session ~ Heart Light Projector


It’s starting to feel like fall in southern California. I love the coziness of fall, candles lit, enjoying a nice cup of Tusli tea.
Herbs are tasty medicine. The Tulsi plant is revered in India for it’s healing properties. Potted Tulsi plants are used in the homes as disease prevention. The powerful aroma is bioactive, it actually cleans and clears the air of pollutants, bacteria or viruses.
There are several kinds of Tusli tea at your local health food store, or you can order online. My favorite is Organic India brand, Sweet Rose Tulsi or Vanilla Tulsi.
Creating a tea ritual is a beautiful addition to your healing journey.
As you take in the healing properties of the plant kingdom, be reminded of the incredible design of our reality. Ask the question, How good can it get?
Enjoy this week’s healing audio training session, Heart Light Projector.  You can listen at the link or download to your device.  It’s 13 minutes long. Come prepared to focus the entire 13 minutes. Get comfortable, relax, listen and create thriving health.
If you haven’t yet signed up to receive these healing training audio sessions weekly, you can sign up here.
With much love,
Dr. Blythe

Spirulina Is Your Best Friend

Hi Friend,
That’s right, spirulina is among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. And better still, it comes in tablets so it’s easy to ingest and digest. PLUS, it’s super inexpensive because it’s so prevalent on the planet.

Spirulina is a bio-available plant protein that is responsible for providing lots of life on the planet. In fact, spirulina is 60% protein!

It’s tremendously alkalizing and gives the body an oxygen boost.

It’s also amazing for beauty, both ingested and used topically.

See my spirulina face, hair, and body mask instructional video.

Some spirulina nutritional highlights:

– Excellent source of vitamins A, K1, K2, B12

– Great source of minerals: Iron, Manganese, and Chromium

– Wealth of phytonutrients such as carotenoids, GLA, SOD and phycocyanin

– 280% more antioxidants than blueberries

– 3,900% more iron than spinach

– 2,800% more beta-carotene than carrots

– 600% more protein than tofu

This nutritional profile leads to a number of health benefits including:

– Strengthened immune system

– Boosted energy level

– Supported cellular health

– Cardiovascular, eye and brain health

A simple web search will give you lots of options for where to buy spirulina tablets and powders.

Be sure to watch how this powerfully nutritious plant can be used right on your skin and hair to achieve wonderful results.

To Your Health,

Dr. Blythe

Self Healing Audio ~ The Galaxies Within


Welcome to this community of people who know their power to heal their bodies and lives. You are an incredible being.
It’s possible to reprogram your health, it’s not even really reprogramming, it’s turning on the awareness of the blueprint that already exists, but has been built over from pollution, physical or emotional.
Enjoy this week’s session, The Galaxies Within. You can listen at that link or download it to your device.  It’s about 16 minutes long, with the last 8 minutes being focused self healing work. However use the entire time as a quiet meditation and feel the energy of what I am saying. Allow it to pass into your awareness and reveal to you your ever increasing life force power.
Enjoy doing the little bit of writing work outlined in the audio to help you identity unconsciousness that is in your way.
In addition to the audio trainings, continue to physically put yourself in the space to allow your body to self correct by adhering to The 4 Protocols Of Healing:
1) Detoxify your body
2) Build your immunity
3) Alkalinize your body
4) Oxygenate your body
I will continue to dive deeper into these areas. For this week, be sure to drink a green juice everyday if you can. Drinking a large (full vita mix barrel) of green juice daily will contribute to and even accomplish the 4 pillars I mentioned above.
Here is a simple, delicious and nutrient dense green juice you can try.
Blythe’s Breakfast Of Champions Drink.
4 kale leaves or 2 cups spinach
1 lemon, peeled
1 apple or pear
1 inch fresh ginger
4-5 cups of water
Blend in a high power blender.
If you don’t have a high power blender, I highly recommend getting one. It’s a terrific tool for health you will use daily for the rest of your life.
Blended green juice gives your body substance, so you won’t be hungry, in addition to providing you plenty of fiber to help you rid your body of toxic build up.
This drink will work to build your immune system with the many phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals present. Feel free to get creative with it and add cucumber or berries or whatever you want. The recipe above taste like a ginger lemonade, you don’t tastes the greens because the ginger and lemon are such powerful flavors.
This drink is very alkalizing, remember disease can not live in an alkaline environment. Traditional cancer treatments are incredibly acidic to the body, making healing that much harder.
The drink gives your body oxygen, as oxygen is created by and lives in plants.
Get outside and walk everyday or as often as you can. 30 minutes is enough time to pump fresh oxygen through your body. Movement is important for health. If you have something that is presently keeping you from walking, you can do pilates style moves from a laying position. You can look up ‘Floor Pilates’ on Youtube, that will guide you to some movements you can do, however try to do them outside. The combination of movement, with the fresh oxygen outside and the sunlight creates a more complete support for healing.
With that, I am sending you love and prayers that you enjoy this journey of creating a thriving body.
If you haven’t yet joined The Self Healing group and would like to receive these audio trainings to your inbox weekly, (free of charge),  please sign up here.
This membership is by donation, if you are feeling moved to donate you can do so here.
I greatly appreciate the donations, as it allows me to continue to offer these trainings.
With love and admiration,
Dr. Blythe

My Self Healing Story and a Very Special Link For You.


I see you, in your innate perfection. Do you see yourself as this perfection?
When you unconsciously and subconsciously know this truth, your body can not hold disease. You will be a match to only wellness.
Somehow I always knew this.  I remember as a kid, if I got a sore throat, I would sleep with my hand covering my throat. I was aware that I was in a sense, giving it love and energy, and I would always awake to it feeling normal again. It worked, so I used it again, and again.
My freshman year of college I contracted a dreadful virus. I was told I would always have it, that there was nothing “medicine’ could do about a virus. Just live with it. At 19 years old I was not about to settle for a life long health issue. I denied it. I simply refused to have it.  I didn’t work hard at refusing it, I just did, and forgot about it.  I have never had to deal with it again. I’ve gotten checked a few times since and I have no trace of this virus in my system. I somehow knew that I could will it away, and I did.
In my twenties I was acting pretty regularly in independent films.  I was the lead actress in a Lion’s Gate film called Nightmare Man. We had a week long, over night shoot in the woods, where most of the time I was running. At the very end of the first night, of what was scheduled to be 5 nights in the woods, I fell and twisted my ankle, bad. I felt a pop, and nearly threw up from the pain.
It swelled up sizably and was black and blue before I even arrived back at my lodging, in the arms of the medic. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but there are so many people and so much money involved in making movies. I learned early on ‘actors don’t get sick.’ You can not let down the entire production by not being there. No matter what, a main actor on a job shows up. In this circumstance, If I couldn’t do the work, it would be dozens of people’s jobs on the line and a lot of money wasted in having to reschedule.
So, as I laid down in bed at 6am to begin my rest after running around in the woods all night, I decided I didn’t twist my ankle. I remember firming deciding that I was well. I chanted within myself, ‘I am well, I am well, I am well” for probably an hour until I fell asleep.  I silently chanted from the place of feeling well, not from the place of feeling broken.  That was what created the miracle. Through sheer power of focus, I declared myself well. And sure enough, When I awoke in the early afternoon, my ankle was well. We resumed our shoot as scheduled, and the director and producer were forever grateful.
I remember feeling so connected with God in that moment. So grateful to be apart of a master design for wellness. As I have so many times since then.
I think this is the purpose of all disease or discomfort. To introduce us to our power. And not to just introduce us, but to require of us that we learn and implement the wisdom. This is how I felt connected to God. The dis-ease/ discomfort was the opportunity to get to practice self healing, and that practice and result made me feel more connected and powerful than ever.
If that ‘form’ is healing disease or creating the life you want, I know you can do it. You were given the technology, but it’s up to you to activate it and use it.
I want to be sure I’m helping everyone who is interested in strengthening their self healing facilities, so if you are someone that wants more information and audios to help you on your self healing path, please sign up for the Self Healing Group. This list will receive content solely about this topic. There is NO CHARGE, it is a donation based membership. Members are free to donate at any time, but no donation is required.
Sign up here for the Self Healing Group
So next week, those that sign up on the link above will receive the audio training.
No matter how steep the mountain, through focus you can do all things.
Until next time, feel good dear one, and drink your greens!
Dr. Blythe

Self Healing Audio Session


Hi Beautiful,

I learned from the survey that I sent out in my newsletter last week that most of my readers are very interested in learning about their self-healing technology/biology.
Of course! This is vital information, and for whatever reason, we don’t learn it in our cultural education platforms. We ideally should learn this from our parents, by watching and learning by example, but unfortunately a self healing awareness is not often modeled in the home either, because it simply isn’t known.
We need to seek out this information, then we realize it was inside us all along.
I have created a brief 7 minute audio introduction to self-healing for you. You can download it and listen to it anywhere and anytime you like.
I explain in the audio that I am keeping these audio trainings brief because they are designed to strengthen your focus. I don’t want to give you a 20 minute imagineering session right away because I know truly holding the powerful focus l teach you in this audio is too difficult to do for 20 minutes, and not necessary.
When your point of focus is purely aligned with the blueprint of your perfect health, you only need a few minutes of that to begin to create the neuro networks in your brain that will self correct everything. However, you do need to repeat the exercise a couple times a day until you see the desired results. Repetition creates the hardwiring, or unconscious health, or as us metaphysicians refer to it, the self collapse of the wave function. Focus turns into form. Focus collapses the infinite possibilities into the form you focused on. In this case, your vibrant healthy loved body.
It was helpful to get a beat on how I can best serve you, my cherished reader.
If you didn’t have a chance to take the brief 6 question survey, you can take it here.
Enjoy that powerful audio session.
Until next time, don’t forget to eat and drink your greens:)
With love,
Dr. Blythe