Aloe Juice Mocktails ~ Feeling Festive Daily!

I’m feeling delighted as I sip an aloe juice mocktail!  I like to feel celebratory, even while just making dinner on an ordinary night. It’s a way to make the daily must-dos, like making my family dinner, a little more exciting.


I can’t justify alcohol for myself on a daily basis. I do enjoy sipping a hard cider or a hibiscus & vanilla infused vodka every once in a while, but I’m aware of the way alcohol compromises my endocrine system, brain function, and immune response, so I just can’t enjoy a drink that often. BUT I want to feel festive and make myself something fun to drink to toast the little successes we accomplish daily.


Introducing Aloe juice mocktails!


They are super easy to make, DELICIOUS, and deliver powerful nutrients to your system.
I want the foods and beverages I consume to contribute to my health, I want them to add, not subtract. I’m conscious of this with every dietary choice I make, and this pays off for me in spades. The once-in-a-while choices don’t do harm when the every day choices add value to my health.


Fall in LOVE with healthy alternatives.
Aloe juice is a star superfood. It has many benefits for the body. If you tried it years ago and didn’t like it, try it again! You may find you love it now, that happened to me!


Immune Support
Aloe vera juice supports a healthy immune system because it has a rich diversity of vitamins and minerals. It aids in liver function and detoxifying the body. It has uronic acid compounds which is known to eliminate toxins within the cells.
Muscle and Joint Support
Drinking aloe vera juice has an anti-inflammatory response in the body, helping all of our muscles and joints repair faster and regenerate healthfully.
Balances Blood Sugar
Aloe vera juice possesses the remarkable ability to reduce the glucose levels in the blood, it has found extensive use in diabetes treatment. Aloe helps stabilize blood sugar levels and can also help in reduction of triglycerides.
Gastrointestinal Support
Aloe vera juice stimulates of production of bile in the gallbladder. This helps in the breakdown of fats in the body that contribute to constipation. It also lubricates the digestive tract, when taken regularly this could be a key factor in preventing colon cancer.
Anti-Cancer Properties
There is a phytonutrient present in aloe vera, which has played a significant role in shrinking cancer tumors. Aloe vera contains bioactive compounds like aloin, lectin, and aloesin which have shown anti-proliferative effects. It can also reduce metastases which can ultimately prevent cancer proliferation.  Aloe vera juice is also found to reduce the damage done to the body due to radiation therapy. Aloe vera can also amplify the effects of other anticancer herbs which may be used. It’s a brilliant plant!
Oral Hygiene
Aloe vera juice delivers nutrients directly to our gums while cleaning our entire mouth. Gargle with it, swish it all around your mouth, and swallow. It will make you feel like whistling.


Mark Waldman, one of my favorite neuro scientists, guides us to savor the things we enjoy and accomplish throughout the day. He says that savoring the little accomplishments and the little pleasures of life actually build the networks in our brain that make it easier and more natural to FEEL accomplished and happy. Taking a few minutes to make myself a nourishing aloe drink is something I can savor, therefore building the pleasure and power centers of my brain…and also giving my body a superfood supplement.


Aloe Juice Mocktail Recipes


Simply Lime
Aloe Juice
juice of 1 lime
Muddled Berries & Aloe
1/4 cup blackberries (any berry) muddled in the bottom of the glass
2 slices lime, muddled with the berries in the bottom of the glass
aloe juice
Cucumber Ginger  Aloetini
1/2 cucumber through a press juicer
1 inch ginger through a press juicer
Combine freshly pressed cucumber and ginger juice with aloe and ice.
Garnish as desired
Delicious, and powerfully nutritious.

As always, have yourself a wonderful day.

I am here, seeing you in your ideal, celebrating all your wins, big and small.



The Clean In 14 Detox with Melissa Costello

Hi Friends! IMG_6767

There are many methods for cleansing our organs. I’ve struggled with many of them. Juice cleansing is powerful, but challenging to stick to and not always necessary or beneficial depending on the individual.  Packaged herb cleansers can be terrific, but are expensive and can make you rush to the bathroom in pain.  No one likes that.  A raw food cleanse for 2 or 3 weeks is totally beneficial for most, but certainly has it’s challenges, especially if you are kitchen impaired or have a social life.

I was so thrilled to discover The Clean In 14 Detox book by Karma Chow’s Melissa Costello. Her cleanse is based on simple and delicious plant foods with the unique approach of including cooked foods in the detox program. I’m from a raw food background and mistakenly thought that organs can only be flushed and cleansed from a cleanse-diet of raw plant foods. Raw or living foods are a big part of any healthy lifestyle and any cleanse protocol, but it doesn’t have to be the entire plan.

The Clean In 14 Detox program by Melissa Costello allows you to EAT all the colorful amazing food you want, so you always feel nourished and satisfied, and still get all the wonderful results of a cleanse. Her recipes are superb and her guidance along the way opens you up to discover the very best version of you.

Watch to learn the Green With Envy Smoothie and why I really LOVE this book.


Are you kitchen impaired, or just don’t know how to make delicious and simple healthy food?  I have an amazing solution for you. Culinary Healing: Healthy Recipes In 5 is a 3 DVD set with follow-along recipe demonstration videos for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack. All recipes are gluten, dairy and soy free and 100% plant based. PLUS a BONUS video of Therapeutic Home Spa Treatments that enhance beauty and feel extraordinary.  You’ll see! I want to help you feel confident in the kitchen and give you everything you need to know to thrive in health, and beauty! Check it out.

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BEST cacao milk EVER. #Plant Milk #Fresh Pressed

Everybody loves a win win, this recipe definitely delivers that. The rich mineral profile or organic raw cacao bitterly delights the palate. I feel my bones and blood getting stronger when I enjoy this creamy dreamy fresh pressed cacao milk.

Watch and learn! 



I’m using Ojio raw organic cacao beans and raw almonds...and the best vanilla powder on earth!

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How To Make Fermented Vegetables!

Hi Friend!

If I told you one food that would support your health like no other, would you eat it on a regular basis?

What if I told you that special food only takes about 20 minutes to make and will feed you for 2 weeks on a second’s notice, would you make it?

….Oh, and it costs about $8…total…for 2 weeks of amazing nutrition.

The profoundly supportive food I’m speaking of is fermented veg!   That’s right, good ol’ fermented vegetables.

I knew for a long time that fermented foods were an important part of a healthy diet….yet, I didn’t make them because I didn’t understand how. I watched several videos on how to make my own sauerkraut, but it didn’t work. I ruined a couple batches and gave up.

Then….my dear friend and holistic health coach, Christina Afentoulis, said, “I’ll show you how!”  Fermented vegetables are in all of her protocols for patients.  They are a profound component in our body’s ability to self-heal, and they are actually very quick and easy to make.

Check out this video to learn how to prepare delicious and powerful fermented vegetables.


One thing we forgot to mention in the video is that the brine from the previous batch will culture the new batch. So, for your first batch you will use a culture starter, which cost between $20-30 for a box of several starter pouches. The super cool thing is you don’t need to use a new culture pouch for every batch. You can simply take 3 or 4 Tbsp of the previous batch brine and add it to the new brine after the first blend, and there you have a new culture starter without opening a new pouch,  it’s FREE!

More good news: There is no need to make the new batch the same day you harvest the current batch. Simply take the brine from the glass jars you store your fermented vegetables in, in the fridge.

Having the correct tools makes the process easier and more fun. I LOVE my Ren Bours Ceramic Agency sauerkraut crock. It’s always in use on my countertop and looks great. Check them out.


There’s more fermented fun coming up! We will show you how to make pickles and super yummy fruit kvass. Stay tuned.


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Blythe Metz Ph.D

Gluten Free Pancakes with Something Special

Did you know you can make AMAZING pancakes with just a banana, a scoop of almond butter and an egg?  YUP, put that in the blender, blend it up and put batter on the griddle as normal.  They turn out absolutely perfect.

My pal Gary Golding, from The Goldling State show, came on my show to teach me this, and he added something special, pine pollen.

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In this episode, Gary talks about the benefits of pine pollen and how to harvest it yourself.

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We love you, we want to see you thrive!

Until next time, feel good friends, and good food helps!



SuperFruit Leathers

SuperFruit Leathers

Blythe's Kiwi and Raspberry Chia Fruit Leathers

2 cups fruit, any kind. (I like kiwi, berries or apples best)

3  Tbsp organic chia seeds

1 1/4 cups water

In glass measuring cup, mix water and chia seeds. Stir and let stand for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Mix dry organic chia seeds and water.
The chia mixture and fruit of choice go into the food processor until well mixed.

Purée fruit of choice and chia seed mixture in food processor or blender.

Chia and Fruit puree poured on dehydrator tray with teflex sheet, prior to dehydrating.
Pour chia and fruit mixture on dehydrator tray with teflex sheet, prior to dehydrating. Dehydrate 12-16 hours on 105. Remove by peeling the fruit leather off the teflex sheets. When it’s completely dry it will peel with ease. If it doesn’t peel with ease, dehydrate for another 4-7 hours. Drying times vary because the water volume in different fruits vary.
Blythe peeling the kiwi chia fruit leather off the teflex sheet. Dried to perfection!
Peel the kiwi chia fruit leather off the teflex sheet. Dried to perfection!
Blythe peeling the raspberry chia fruit leather off the teflex sheet. It turned out perfect!
Blythe uses kitchen scissors to cut fruit leathers.
Use kitchen scissors to cut fruit leather strips to desired size.

This quick and delightful recipe serves your body with a broad spectrum of nutrients.

Blythe enjoys her Chia Seed Breakfast recipe. This recipe can be made into a yogurt, an oatmeal type dish, and fruit leathers.
This recipe can be enjoyed as a yogurt, so if you don’t have a dehydrator yet, fear not, you can still enjoy this fabulous combination of power foods.
This recipe can be made into a yogurt, an oatmeal type dish, and fruit leathers.
The three ways this recipe can be enjoyed.