Beauty Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

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The Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil

It’s surprising that most people have never heard of black seed oil. Although it isn’t as widely known as an olive oil or coconut oil, that does not mean the benefits are any less existent. Black seed oil has many different beauty benefits for the hair and skin.
Black seed oil is mostly known for its many benefits for hair. Here are some of the benefits black seed oil can have on hair.

1. Conditions Hair- Black seed oil is known to be a great hair conditioner, especially for
curly hair or hair that tends to frizz easily. Black seed oil conditions the hair by targeting
the hair cells, and nourishing them. It’s also beneficial for softening hair. Just apply 1 to 2
teaspoons of black seed oil to washed hair, and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Then
rinse with water and dry hair. Repeat this once a week, and the results are sure to show
in no time!

2. Stimulates Hair Growth- One of the top reasons many people discovered black seed oil
was because of its ability to stimulate hair growth. The reason black seed oil is known for
enabling hair growth is due to the high levels of amino acids that are in it. Amino acids
make the hair protein rich, which first strengthens the hair, and then stimulates growth.
For the most visible results, heat 2 tablespoons of black seed oil until its warm. Make
sure it’s not too hot. Massage the warm black seed oil onto your scalp, and make sure
oil soaks into the hair’s roots. Leave the oil on scalp and in hair for 15 minutes, then
rinse oil out thoroughly with warm water. Repeat this once a week to see the best
outcome for hair growth and strength.

3. Stops Split Ends- The protein strength provided by the amino acids in black seed oil is
also great for repairing hair, especially split ends. Just massage a small amount of black
seed oil onto the ends of your hair, and leave it in overnight. Rinse the oil off the ends in
the morning, and repeat this process one to three times a week.

4. Thicken Eyelashes and Eyebrows- Black seed oil is not just able to enable hair growth
on the head, but also for eyelashes and eyebrows. Rub a small amount of black seed oil
on to eyebrows or eyelashes before bed. In the morning, rinse off oil with warm water on a washcloth. For the most desired effects, repeat this process multiple times a week.
Black seed oil is also known for its wonderful effects for skin.
1. Reduces Acne- Black seed oil contains many properties, including anti-inflammatory
properties that help reduce acne and pimples. The black seed oil helps get rid of the
redness caused by acne inflammation, lessening the appearance of redness and
pimples on the skin. To make a black seed oil mask that also helps reduce acne, mix a
drop of oil in a teaspoon of all natural yogurt. Apply the mask to the face and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

2. Moisturizer- Black seed oil is also a great moisturizer due to being rich in essential fatty acids that deeply moisturizes the skin. The fatty acids in the black seed oil, if used
consistently over a substantial amount of time, can also help reduce the appearance of
wrinkles and lines on the skin. For a full body moisturizer, add 1 teaspoon of black seed oil in a cup of coconut oil and rub all over the body, specifically focusing on the elbows,
knees, and heels.

3. Reduces Dark Spots- The Vitamin A and amino acids in black seed oil work well with the fatty acids to brighten dark undertones in skin. Apply a few drops of black seed oil under the eyes a few times a week for the long term disappearance of dark spots.
Try black seed oil for skin and hair health, and all of its other added beauty benefits!


This remarkable guest post is by the creator of Beautifully Alive, Jennifer Scott.

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Pomegranate Ginger Nettles Invigoration Oil

Pomegranate Ginger Nettles Invigoration Oil
1 Tbsp coconut oil
½ tsp pomegranate oil
½  tsp ginger powder
¼  tsp stinging nettles powder

In small glass bowl or jar, combine the 4 ingredients with a whisk. Massage all over body, with  vigorous circular motions on the upper thighs, belly, buttocks, chest and arms. I like to use avocado pits to massage the oils into my body in rapid circular motions. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, it may become slightly tingely. This is a great thing. It means it’s working. Towel off after about 10 minutes. This should leave your skin feeling moisture rich, clarified, and purified.
Ingredients can be found on

Chocolate Aloe scrub

Chocolate Aloe scrub
1 Tbsp aloe gel, fresh from aloe leaf
1 tsp raw cacao powder
1 Tbsp sea salt

Mix together with whisk and apply in gentle circular motions on legs, feet, arms, chest, stomach and buttucks. This is delightful. Rinse away. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated, shiny and new. Enjoy.

Just Spirulina Face and Body Mask

Just Spirulina Face and Body Mask

2 tsp spirulina
1 tsp water

Combine ingredients in a small dish with a small wire whisk. This will make a thick paste. It feels so cool and wonderful going on. Leave on for at least 15 minutes, however sometimes I leave mine on for an hour.  Sometimes I even put it all over my arms, neck and chest and jump on the trampoline while it hardens:)

This is also super fun in the bath! Have you ever seen those chakra baths? They are color baths, for color therapy work. When I’m in the tub, I put this on my face, neck, chest and arms. Inevitably the water turns a beautiful light green. This effects us in a soothing way, helps to open our hearts and feel the love within us.

Enjoy this simple and amazing inexpensive treat.

HoneySuckle Essential Oil 9 ways

Honeysuckle has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

In traditional Chinese medicine, honeysuckle is considered one of the most important herbs for releasing poisons from the body and clearing heat from the body.

Honeysuckle Essential Oil is:

  • Used to treat skin rashes, such as poison oak, cuts and abrasions on the skin. Mix a few drops in a carrier oil and massage into affected area.
  • An anti-inflammatory; helping with arthritis, sore muscles and joints.
  • Has antibiotic properties, therefore is effective in treating infections, colds and flu.
  • Relaxing and calming and can be used in massage oil or bath oil.

Bless the Mind HoneySuckle spray
Bliss in a bottle
1 cup water
*4 drops B. Raw Body HoneySuckle Essential Oil
Combine water and honeysuckle essential oil in small spray bottle. I prefer glass bottles. I reuse glass spray bottles from other products I’ve purchased. Spray anywhere you wish. It makes a great facial mist, as well as linen mist and air freshener. I love to mist this on my face in a warm bath, and all around the house to uplift my spirit. Enjoy!


Apricot HoneySuckle Relief Oil
1 cup apricot oil
*4 drops B. Raw Body honeysuckle essential oil

Combine apricot oil and honeysuckle essential oil in any glass jar or bottle. Shake it liberally to mix well. Apple to lower back, knees, shoulders or anywhere that feels sore or tight or inflamed. HoneySuckle essential oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. The aroma will stimulate brain function to relax and encourage healing. Enjoy this delightful gift from the earth.


Aromatherapy and air purification
In glass spray bottle mix the following:
6 oz water
3 drops B. Raw Honeysuckle essential oil

Use to deodorize room, lift energy and mood, as a perfume, great to spray first thing in the morning.

Cut and wound healer
¼ tsp hemp oil
2 drops B. Raw Honeysuckle essential oil

Mix ingredients in your palm, and smooth over open cut or wound. This is a pleasing way to dress a child’s wound. The aromatic quality helps to soothe them, while the powerful healing components work fast.

Flower Fresh Cleaning
In spray bottle mix the follow:
1 cup white wine vinegar
1 cup water
3 drops B. Raw Honeysuckle essential oil

In the kitchen, use vinegar-and-water spray to clean countertops,  range surfaces and backsplash areas.

In the bathroom, use vinegar spray cleaner to clean countertops, floors, and exterior surfaces of the toilet.

Honeysuckle steam facial
4 cups hot water
3 drops B. Raw Honeysuckle  essential oil

Boil water, and place hot water in a glass bowl, add the honeysuckle essential oil. Lean your face over the bowl, cover your head with a towel. Remain over the steam for several minutes. Take deep breathes and enjoy the aroma-therapeutic benefits, while the honeysuckle steam opens and cleans your facial pores.

Skinny legs salt scrub
Reduces cellulite, stimulates  lymphatic  system
1 cup B. Raw Himalayan Salt
3 drop B. Raw Pink Grapefruit essential oil

3 drops B. Raw Honeysuckle essential oil

1 Tbsp hemp oil

Mix together in re-purposed glass jar. I like to use a grapefruit peel as the wash cloth. Enjoy this fantastic rejuvenating skin treatment.

Leave in conditioner
1/4 – 1/2 tsp Coconut oil, depending on hair length
2 drop B. Raw Honeysuckle essential oil

Combine ingredients in the palm of your hand, and massage into the ends of your hair.

Energizing HoneySuckle Body Butter
finger full of Unscented Body Butter
3 drop B. Raw  HoneySuckle essential oil

Mix in the palm of your hand and rub on chest, arms, stomach, buttocks and thighs. The honeysuckle energizes the blood flow and stimulates mental activity. Enjoy!!