Beauty Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

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The Beauty Benefits of Black Seed Oil

It’s surprising that most people have never heard of black seed oil. Although it isn’t as widely known as an olive oil or coconut oil, that does not mean the benefits are any less existent. Black seed oil has many different beauty benefits for the hair and skin.
Black seed oil is mostly known for its many benefits for hair. Here are some of the benefits black seed oil can have on hair.

1. Conditions Hair- Black seed oil is known to be a great hair conditioner, especially for
curly hair or hair that tends to frizz easily. Black seed oil conditions the hair by targeting
the hair cells, and nourishing them. It’s also beneficial for softening hair. Just apply 1 to 2
teaspoons of black seed oil to washed hair, and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Then
rinse with water and dry hair. Repeat this once a week, and the results are sure to show
in no time!

2. Stimulates Hair Growth- One of the top reasons many people discovered black seed oil
was because of its ability to stimulate hair growth. The reason black seed oil is known for
enabling hair growth is due to the high levels of amino acids that are in it. Amino acids
make the hair protein rich, which first strengthens the hair, and then stimulates growth.
For the most visible results, heat 2 tablespoons of black seed oil until its warm. Make
sure it’s not too hot. Massage the warm black seed oil onto your scalp, and make sure
oil soaks into the hair’s roots. Leave the oil on scalp and in hair for 15 minutes, then
rinse oil out thoroughly with warm water. Repeat this once a week to see the best
outcome for hair growth and strength.

3. Stops Split Ends- The protein strength provided by the amino acids in black seed oil is
also great for repairing hair, especially split ends. Just massage a small amount of black
seed oil onto the ends of your hair, and leave it in overnight. Rinse the oil off the ends in
the morning, and repeat this process one to three times a week.

4. Thicken Eyelashes and Eyebrows- Black seed oil is not just able to enable hair growth
on the head, but also for eyelashes and eyebrows. Rub a small amount of black seed oil
on to eyebrows or eyelashes before bed. In the morning, rinse off oil with warm water on a washcloth. For the most desired effects, repeat this process multiple times a week.
Black seed oil is also known for its wonderful effects for skin.
1. Reduces Acne- Black seed oil contains many properties, including anti-inflammatory
properties that help reduce acne and pimples. The black seed oil helps get rid of the
redness caused by acne inflammation, lessening the appearance of redness and
pimples on the skin. To make a black seed oil mask that also helps reduce acne, mix a
drop of oil in a teaspoon of all natural yogurt. Apply the mask to the face and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

2. Moisturizer- Black seed oil is also a great moisturizer due to being rich in essential fatty acids that deeply moisturizes the skin. The fatty acids in the black seed oil, if used
consistently over a substantial amount of time, can also help reduce the appearance of
wrinkles and lines on the skin. For a full body moisturizer, add 1 teaspoon of black seed oil in a cup of coconut oil and rub all over the body, specifically focusing on the elbows,
knees, and heels.

3. Reduces Dark Spots- The Vitamin A and amino acids in black seed oil work well with the fatty acids to brighten dark undertones in skin. Apply a few drops of black seed oil under the eyes a few times a week for the long term disappearance of dark spots.
Try black seed oil for skin and hair health, and all of its other added beauty benefits!


This remarkable guest post is by the creator of Beautifully Alive, Jennifer Scott.

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Aloe Juice Mocktails ~ Feeling Festive Daily!

I’m feeling delighted as I sip an aloe juice mocktail!  I like to feel celebratory, even while just making dinner on an ordinary night. It’s a way to make the daily must-dos, like making my family dinner, a little more exciting.


I can’t justify alcohol for myself on a daily basis. I do enjoy sipping a hard cider or a hibiscus & vanilla infused vodka every once in a while, but I’m aware of the way alcohol compromises my endocrine system, brain function, and immune response, so I just can’t enjoy a drink that often. BUT I want to feel festive and make myself something fun to drink to toast the little successes we accomplish daily.


Introducing Aloe juice mocktails!


They are super easy to make, DELICIOUS, and deliver powerful nutrients to your system.
I want the foods and beverages I consume to contribute to my health, I want them to add, not subtract. I’m conscious of this with every dietary choice I make, and this pays off for me in spades. The once-in-a-while choices don’t do harm when the every day choices add value to my health.


Fall in LOVE with healthy alternatives.
Aloe juice is a star superfood. It has many benefits for the body. If you tried it years ago and didn’t like it, try it again! You may find you love it now, that happened to me!


Immune Support
Aloe vera juice supports a healthy immune system because it has a rich diversity of vitamins and minerals. It aids in liver function and detoxifying the body. It has uronic acid compounds which is known to eliminate toxins within the cells.
Muscle and Joint Support
Drinking aloe vera juice has an anti-inflammatory response in the body, helping all of our muscles and joints repair faster and regenerate healthfully.
Balances Blood Sugar
Aloe vera juice possesses the remarkable ability to reduce the glucose levels in the blood, it has found extensive use in diabetes treatment. Aloe helps stabilize blood sugar levels and can also help in reduction of triglycerides.
Gastrointestinal Support
Aloe vera juice stimulates of production of bile in the gallbladder. This helps in the breakdown of fats in the body that contribute to constipation. It also lubricates the digestive tract, when taken regularly this could be a key factor in preventing colon cancer.
Anti-Cancer Properties
There is a phytonutrient present in aloe vera, which has played a significant role in shrinking cancer tumors. Aloe vera contains bioactive compounds like aloin, lectin, and aloesin which have shown anti-proliferative effects. It can also reduce metastases which can ultimately prevent cancer proliferation.  Aloe vera juice is also found to reduce the damage done to the body due to radiation therapy. Aloe vera can also amplify the effects of other anticancer herbs which may be used. It’s a brilliant plant!
Oral Hygiene
Aloe vera juice delivers nutrients directly to our gums while cleaning our entire mouth. Gargle with it, swish it all around your mouth, and swallow. It will make you feel like whistling.


Mark Waldman, one of my favorite neuro scientists, guides us to savor the things we enjoy and accomplish throughout the day. He says that savoring the little accomplishments and the little pleasures of life actually build the networks in our brain that make it easier and more natural to FEEL accomplished and happy. Taking a few minutes to make myself a nourishing aloe drink is something I can savor, therefore building the pleasure and power centers of my brain…and also giving my body a superfood supplement.


Aloe Juice Mocktail Recipes


Simply Lime
Aloe Juice
juice of 1 lime
Muddled Berries & Aloe
1/4 cup blackberries (any berry) muddled in the bottom of the glass
2 slices lime, muddled with the berries in the bottom of the glass
aloe juice
Cucumber Ginger  Aloetini
1/2 cucumber through a press juicer
1 inch ginger through a press juicer
Combine freshly pressed cucumber and ginger juice with aloe and ice.
Garnish as desired
Delicious, and powerfully nutritious.

As always, have yourself a wonderful day.

I am here, seeing you in your ideal, celebrating all your wins, big and small.