Total Self Abandonment Is The Secret

Total self abandonment is the secret.
I know it sounds strange at first, but hear what I mean.
We must abandon the state we are in to acquire a new state.
We must abandon the state of disease to create or allow the state of health.
We must abandon fear to allow faith.
We must abandon lack to allow plenty.
We must abandon loneliness to allow fulfillment.
By abandon, I simply mean let go, or forgive the state. Simply forgive it. Pay no mind to it. Deny the senses, and ONLY inhabit the ideal that we practiced in last week’s audio training.
This week’s audio is only 8 minutes long, and gives you the tools to practice total self abandonment, so that you may occupy your ideal state of self. List here, Total Self Abandonment Is The Secret. 
Have an ideal week,
Dr. Blythe

The audios in this series will powerfully instruct your body how to heal itself. Our consciousness is the substance of all things. Everything begins in consciousness. Use these audios to train yourself in image-making, therefore building neural pathways instructing perfect regeneration.

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