Self Healing Group ~ Feeling Your Ideal

SHG Feeling Your Ideal

Greeting on this beautiful autumn day, although it still feels like summer in Los Angeles at a warm 97F.
Last week you started ‘changing the feeling of I” in the work we did, and hopefully practiced a few more times on your own.
This work builds your consciousness for the “I’ you want to be.
This week you will be feeling into your ideal.  Get ready, it feels really good.
Just a quick technical note: I have been sending these audio trainings through Vimeo, which is a video platform, so that you can download them. However this week I sent it as an audio file through Soundcloud, but it doesn’t appear that you can download them (I could be wrong, I’m new to that platform). So please send me an email at and let me know which format you prefer.
Thank you.
Practice, practice.
Dr. Blythe

The audios in this series will powerfully instruct your body how to heal itself. Our consciousness is the substance of all things. Everything begins in consciousness. Use these audios to train yourself in image-making, therefore building neural pathways instructing perfect regeneration.
If you want to join the group and receive these audios to your inbox weekly, please visit

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