Self Healing Audio Session


Hi Beautiful,

I learned from the survey that I sent out in my newsletter last week that most of my readers are very interested in learning about their self-healing technology/biology.
Of course! This is vital information, and for whatever reason, we don’t learn it in our cultural education platforms. We ideally should learn this from our parents, by watching and learning by example, but unfortunately a self healing awareness is not often modeled in the home either, because it simply isn’t known.
We need to seek out this information, then we realize it was inside us all along.
I have created a brief 7 minute audio introduction to self-healing for you. You can download it and listen to it anywhere and anytime you like.
I explain in the audio that I am keeping these audio trainings brief because they are designed to strengthen your focus. I don’t want to give you a 20 minute imagineering session right away because I know truly holding the powerful focus l teach you in this audio is too difficult to do for 20 minutes, and not necessary.
When your point of focus is purely aligned with the blueprint of your perfect health, you only need a few minutes of that to begin to create the neuro networks in your brain that will self correct everything. However, you do need to repeat the exercise a couple times a day until you see the desired results. Repetition creates the hardwiring, or unconscious health, or as us metaphysicians refer to it, the self collapse of the wave function. Focus turns into form. Focus collapses the infinite possibilities into the form you focused on. In this case, your vibrant healthy loved body.
It was helpful to get a beat on how I can best serve you, my cherished reader.
If you didn’t have a chance to take the brief 6 question survey, you can take it here.
Enjoy that powerful audio session.
Until next time, don’t forget to eat and drink your greens:)
With love,
Dr. Blythe

BE Empowered! You Are A Self Healing Technology.

Blythe beach


I hope this finds you having an empowered day.

If not, now’s the time to start!

You truly are an amazing being!  A self healing/ self correcting technology. 

It’s bonkers, if you ask me, that we are taught so many subjects in general education, but none of them focus on the self healing fundamentals of our human design. I feel this should kinda be first, right!

(There is big business agenda influencing our educational systems, and frankly most areas of our lives, so we must educate ourselves if we are to thrive in health.)

However,  for the body to function as designed, it needs what life created to sustain it. That means fresh, sun charged foods.  Optimal nutrition is required, it’s the fuel for healthy cell regeneration.

And I don’t just mean to status quo health.

Thriving hot sexy health is your birthright, and it’s possible for you, regardless what level of health you are now experiencing, BUT you must understand the self correcting/self healing technology. 

The native cultures had it down.

Eat of the earth. It was the only way.

Should be uber easy…

.. however in our culture that is largely far removed from nature, the basics of eating off the trees and vines has been lost for many of us.

BUT, the great thing about our modern day culture is we can learn anything, and nearly all herbs and natural foods are available to us anywhere. So we can start to implement what we learn right away. There isn’t any reason we can’t!

I want to help you to thrive in health. I want to know how I can help you best.  

Please take this brief survey.  It will only take a few minutes. I want to know where you’re at in health and what you want to achieve so I know how to serve you best. 

With all my love,

Dr. Blythe


How Happy Is Your Gut?

Did you know that your brain and your colon have some of the same tissue? And that the colon also makes neuropeptides and neurotransmitters like serotonin, that effect mood and overall wellness.
We comment about the brain/colon connection when we say things like ‘gut feeling’ or “I knew in my gut’. But perhaps we didn’t realize the depth of how emotion is created in the gut.
In order for the brain in the belly to work optimally, it needs the healthy bacterial soldiers cleaning and purifying it. Many, many people suffer from not enough healthy bacteria in their colon, although unaware of the extent of the infliction.
There are thousands of possible physical issues that can and do arise when the colon is not supported with a very high fiber diet. As author and health expert, Dr. Bernard Jensen, would say, death begins in the colon.
But no worries, it’s not hard to keep your colon functioning optimally once you are aware of the absolute need to do so.
Ingesting the proper bacterial superheroes is all you have to do, and they will do the rest.
Fresh raw fermented vegetables or a nice fermented raw kvass (cultured fruit or vegetable beverage) is the best way to go.
Kombucha is good, if you can be sure that it’s truly raw and hasn’t been heated for production purposes.
Freshly made cashew or coconut yogurt, made with a culture you can find in your health food store.
I’m not a big fan of pasteurized dairy yogurts. I don’t think they offer the full nutrient power that the other options offer.
Here is a video teaching you how to make your own fermented vegetables. There are endless combinations of vegetables and herbs you can use. Find the taste you like best and make them a staple in your diet.
You’ll  see bloating, gas, constipation, acne, lethargy,  even depression, and so many other discomforts disappear. Taking care of your colon in this way takes care of your entire body, correcting many imbalances. The gut will be happy, and when the gut is happy, every body is happy.
If you need more help with quick, easy,  and tasty healing food recipes, check out my digital course Healthy Recipes In 5. On SALE NOW, until Aug 21st.
Until next time, sending you love and light, and a friendly reminder to eat your greens:)
Dr. Blythe

ALL Protein Comes From Plants

I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a MEME the other day that read:
~A cow is a very inefficient way to turn plants into calcium~
Indeed I know that cow’s milk is NOT a good source of bioavailable calcium, it actually robs your body of calcium because it is acidic. Your body needs to take it’s own calcium to neutralize the acidity of cow’s milk. But I hadn’t fully connected that the calcium that is in the milk first came from the plants.
I have taught for years that fish oils are not the best way to get omegas. It’s much better to eat seaweed, this is where the fish get it to begin with.
Same principle with calcium and cow’s milk.
AND same principle with protein.
This protein realization is a BIG one because there has been trillions of dollars spent over our lifetimes marketing to us the message that we need animal products to get protein. The animal industries are of course who is telling us this.  Protein deficiency is not our health problem.
Our health problems stem from fiber, enzyme, phytonutrient, water, mineral, and vitamin deficiencies. All of which originate in plants.
Protein originates from plants too.
This isn’t a post to persuade you  to “go vegan,” we don’t need labels.
I just want to inspire you to eat more plants. Plants are your very best friend. They serve you in every way.
They remove what your body doesn’t want. They give you ALL the micro and macro nutrients your body needs.
For those of you that say, well what about vitamin B12, we need to eat animals to get B12, right?? I say that is a misunderstanding. B12 comes from bacteria, so the dead flesh of animals and animal products do create B12, but rather the cleaner way to get it is through cultures found in nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is non-candida forming, highly nutritionally potent, and can be sprinkled on salads, soups, baked vegetables dishes, blended in raw sauces, used as breading for eggplant or zucchini, it has many everyday uses and tastes great. Nutritional yeast can be found at Trader Joe’s now, or at any health food store. It’s often sold in the bulk bins too for greater cost efficiency.
So, let’s eat more plants, more often, and go from there. I will help!
Below is a tasty quick recipe from my pal, The Blender Girl, who has appeared on my show several times.
It’s a great way to get the raw herbs, and very refreshing for the summer time.
Get those greens in!
They are your medicine.
Until next time,
With love and light,


Creamy Kale Pasta & The Recipe For Life Long Thriving Health


Hope this email finds you doing very well. Focused on the vision of vibrant health, present with the miraculous technology that your body truly is. I mean, YOU ARE amazing!
So, powerful self healing being…
Eat good food,
Feel love for your body and others,
Be sure to spend time doing whatever brings you joy EVERYDAY. Dance, walk, play, laugh, sing, paint, (alone and with others) commune with animals, commune with nature.
This is all we need to truly thrive in health. It’s simple. We already know it.
But it’s too easy. We think, that can’t be it.
That IS it.
That’s the recipe for life long thriving health ~
And here’s the recipe for Creamy Kale Pasta.
Pasta you say?
Sometimes we just want something decadent. Nothing wrong with that. Our bodies are designed to want denser food at certain times or cyclically. This pasta has a raw sauce made from sprouted cashews, raw kale, raw garlic, raw onion, so you are getting powerful raw nutrients paired with the heavier pasta and white beans. Feel free to use gluten free pasta. I like quinoa pastas best.
Creamy Kale Pasta
4 cups bow tie pasta
1 cup dry white beans (soaked overnight), or 1 can of white beans if that’s better for you.
2 cups chopped kale
2 green onions
1 cup soaked cashews
1/2 cup olive oil
2-4 garlic cloves
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup water
See video to learn preparation.
As always, keep shining bright,
Dr. Blythe
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