Lets Test Your Saliva

Header-pH-Alkaline-Health…or better yet, your urine, with a pH strip from the drug store.
Alkalization!  The 4th protocol in the 4 Protocols For Healing series:
Get yourself some PH strips from the nearest drugstore, or order them online.
Does the strip read more yellow or orange showing your body is acidic? Or, is it more blue, showing your body is alkaline?
Those wonderful, inexpensive pH strips are a helpful tool in seeing where we are at.
We want a perfect balance. We don’t want to be acidic, nor do we want to be too alkaline. We want the perfect green color around 7.0. Is it any wonder eating greens keeps us in the green zone.
Our diet and lifestyle largely create our pH balance. Stress and anger actually create an acidic environment, as does most animal products, along with coffee, alcohol, and sugar.
This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our morning French press. I certainly do. But, it does mean we have to be aware of our acidic intake so we can balance it.
Here are a few ways to alkalize the body:
1) Eating large, fresh green salads and fruit is an excellent way to dose the body with alkaline energy. All fruits and vegetables are alkaline, even those citrus foods we swear are acidic (they actually read in the body as alkaline). Start munching red and orange bell pepper, cucumber, jicama, and radishes instead of crackers or chips. Switch to almond, coconut, or hemp milk. Or better yet, freshly blended cashew milk. (cashews and cold water, blended, say 1/4 cup cashews to 2 cups water, drop of honey). Simple changes make a big difference.
2) You may want to take 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda in 10-oz of water daily, at least once. You can drink this three times a day if need be. Squeeze fresh lemon into it if you like. I like to drink this with warm water, as it tastes a bit like a broth this way.
3) Get some chlorophyll drops and take those daily in water. Chlorophyll is heavenly for the body and our cells love this stuff. You can buy liquid chlorophyll at any health food store or online. It has basically no taste, but is bright green, indicating it’s rich phytonutrient content. It’s a great “cheater” food to take if you know you haven’t eaten enough greens. It’s an awesome accelerator food when you have eaten a great amount of greens but want an accelerated boost of phytonutrients.
Enjoy these easy to implement suggestions for bringing your body into a state of grace where it can heal itself of anything. After all, you are the most brilliant technology on this planet at the moment. The dragon fly, butterfly, and sea dragon boggle the mind in their extraordinary destinies. Did you know a dragon fly lives on the bottom of a pond or body of water for 2-3 years before crawling out on land to shed it’s exoskeleton and take flight.  Extraordinary. Imagine what your destiny is. Aligning with thriving health is apart of it. Take flight!
To Your Health,
Dr. Blythe
For much more healthy happy living tips and suggestions visit Blythe Natural Living
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