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How we eat determines the quality of our lives. YES, it is that big of a deal. BUT, eating for thriving health is actually quite tasty and easy.
It’s not about taking things away, it’s about adding in the vibrant foods. The rest takes care of itself.
You’ll see!
Instead of settling in with your favorite dairy ice cream while you watch a movie at night, try my easy three ingredient ice cream made from bananas, raw cacao powder, and almond milk,  (it take 3 minutes to make and I’m telling you it tastes just as good), or substitute out the cacao powder for strawberries, peaches, or your favorite fruit.
It’s small changes like this that will make a huge difference in health.
(Remember,  the nature of dairy is to turn a 10 lb calf into an 80 lb cow in 8 weeks, so dairy is great if you want to put on weight, but most of us don’t. Also, dairy by nature has hormones because it is the breast milk of a cow, so regardless of whether dairy is organic or not, it still has innate hormones that contribute to misalignment in the human body) Our hormonal balance is a delicate symphony, we feel it when we are out of tune).
Take the guess work out. Let me show you EXACTLY HOW and WHAT to eat,  I promise I make it QUICK and EASY.
 Get fabulous 5-minute LIVING FOOD recipes in my Healthy Recipes In 5 course for every meal of the day, snacks and deserts.
DON’T MISS OUT!  Digital access or DVDs available.
Are you, or someone you know, feeding an infant?
Your baby, like any of us, doesn’t want to eat jarred food that was prepared who knows when, maybe 6 months ago. You will find that feeding your baby freshly prepared foods, (that only takes a minute) will render meal time much easier and more successful. PLUS, it will put them on a path for enjoying these foods their entire life.
You will see how much my baby loves eating kale, okra, fresh pumpkin, bok choy, spaghetti squash, and lots of others nutrient rich foods. YOURS WILL TOO!
If you don’t have a baby, please share this page with someone you know who has an infant. It can make a huge difference in the well-being of the child.
As always, I’m sending you big love. Have an amazing weekend. Drink your green drinks!
Dr. Blythe
1114 Robertson Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90038

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