What food has 500x the nutrition of broccoli??

Broccoli Sprouts!

That’s right, teeny tiny, somewhat hairy broccoli sprouts have around 500 times the nutrition of the mature plant.

How could this be?

Well, those thin, flexible sprout shoots have to be powerful enough to charge through the dense soil to get to sunlight. So, nature packed them with power.

Fortunately, we can harness this power easily with a jar sprouting method.

Simply measure out a tablespoon of broccoli seeds, place them in a ball sprouting jar, and cover with water overnight. Drain off water and rinse a time or two. Leave the draining lid side down as to drain your sprouts. Rinse every day for five days.

The sprouts will have very tiny, fine, white hair-like looking things. This is totally normal, and it’s not mold. However, always smell check your sprouts to make sure no unwanted bacteria has contaminated them. If sprouts smell fresh, they are. If they have a slight funk, they didn’t get rinsed or drained enough and aren’t good. However, one good rinse a day is all you need to make terrific sprouts.

Sprouts are one of those very fresh and fragile foods that are better to make than buy packaged, and it’s really quite easy. Put the kids on it! They’ll love it! AND, if they help to make them, they will want to eat them!

To Your Health,

Dr. Blythe