Crystal Fire Sale, Come experience the Sórenity Crystal Gallery & Shop

Hi Loved Ones,

Boy do I have a treat for you….

For those of you that live in the Los Angeles area, you’re invited to Recharge- Release- & Relax with one of a kind powerful crystals at the Sórenity Sanctuary. Explore 2 crystal caves filled with inventory of crystals, massage and meditation tools, sit in the citrine pyramid, lay on a huge selenite slab, let a huge obsidian sphere drain your negativity. Charge with abundance, joy, and creativity by laying or sitting on a $300,000 citrine! 

Lenise Sóren, crystal intuit, will be on hand to guide you down the crystal path of what would be most beneficial to assist you in letting go and manifesting. Sample a crystal cleanse and crystal meditations.

It is common knowledge now that everything is energy, everything has vibration and frequency. Think about molecular structure. We are all made up of the exact same thing, BUT it’s vibrating at different frequencies, so the matter shows up as this or that.  Think about the molecular structure of something that is 10 million years old, and is stunningly beautiful.  What does that mean?  As my new yorker friends would say,  not for nothing.  Exactly.


Kids, dogs and friends are welcome

When: SAT. JULY 23TH

Time: 1pm-4pm

Where: The address will be emailed to you after RSVP, it’s in the west hollywood area. RSVP to

**Organic Raw Green juice and Raw lavender fudge will be served. YUM.

Jewelry, crystal massage stones, wands, spheres in many sizes, shelf pieces, museum quality pieces, everything from $5- to $300,000, so there is something for everyone if you are inspired to take a crystal home with you.

This piece to the right is an incredibly rare sight. It’s an aquamarine.  A piece this  large and “as is” in nature is just not around.  The mining of this precious gemstone is done in such a way…dynamite…it breaks the crystal up, which is just fine for the jewelry market. So it’s a true privilege to see a specimen such as this.

Seeing and experiencing massive crystal structures like these, does something to you physically. Come experience for yourself.

I studied the relationship between crystals and humans quite a bit. Crystals help us in a myriad of ways. Perhaps most practically, they absorb electromagnetic waves from our cell phones and computers. They help to recharge our physical body by pulling those environmental toxins out of our system, and protects us from absorbing more. Our cells seem to respond to the presence of that powerful crystal vibration.  I invite you to come experience for yourself.  You will be in the company of some truly incredible and powerful energies.

Everybody reading this will get an additional 20% off the already discounted fire sale prices.


If you can not make the party, but want to visit the shop and gallery please contact Lenise directly at 310 387-8373, Give her the coupon code BlytheRAW, for the additional 20% off.

To Learn more about how crystals effect the human body, download my eco friendly ebook: How To Work With Crystals, A Guide To Self-Healing Through Harnessing The Power of Immortal Gemstones. $9.99 Click image below.

As always, Until we meet again, Take good care of yourselves,




Fabulous and Quick LIVE Lunches: Sprouted Almond & Tomato Wrap


Ahh the joys of fresh colorful food. I’m constantly amazed at how incredible living food, right from mother nature, truly is.  Adding to the great taste, is the notion that it is designed for our personal vitality and joy. This brings me to a grounded connection with earth and the great creator that empowers and sustains me.


I’m all about quick, delicious, and packed with power nutritents.

This hearty, tasty lunch took only 2 minuets to put together, and gave me living proteins, enzymes, minerals and numerous vitamins to recharge, regenerate and activate me for my full day ahead.

I was able to put this lunch together quickly because I had sprouted Almonds ready in my refrigerator.  

Quick sprouting guide for Almonds: Soak 1 cup truly RAW (non flash pasteurized) organic almonds in water for 12-24 hours, in a sprouting jar if you have one.  If not, you can soak almonds in any bowl and use a colander to drain and rinse.  Drain and rinse after at least 12 hours. If I want them really large and soft, so the skin peels right off, I soak them for 36 hours, rinsing at least twice in that time. Note: I almost never peel the almond, totally not necessary.

Place soaked and rinsed almonds in refrigerator, upside down in the sprouting jar, or in a mesh colander with a towel over it. Almonds double in size when germinated, so 1 cup of dormant nuts turns into 2 cups of germinated nuts. My almonds last in the refrigerator like this at least 2 weeks. This way, I can take them out and use them as needed, to make almond milk,  add to salads, make a lovely wrap like the recipe below, or make cookies in the dehydrator. They are a great staple to have on hand.

Currently law prohibits the sale of truly raw almonds, due to a salmonella scare several years back. (Salmonella is really created in the stomachs of cows who are feed hormones and antibiotics and who stand in fecal matter all day. This parasite leaks into water supplies and subsequently can harm crops. Although, it is never the fault of the crop, sadly the crop farmers pay for the factory farm’s mess…factory farms remain licensed to operate in an unsanitary manner).

Soaking almonds that are sold as RAW but are actually flash pasteurized, will render the almonds sour, because essentially you are soaking a dead nut.  Soaking a truly raw nut, will germinate it, activating the nutrients, making it 500x as nutritious. This is an important point if you want to get all the power from your food.

We have TRULY RAW almonds available from a California farmer. Email me if you are interested in purchasing a 2lb or 5 lb bag.  They will be available to purchase online soon at

LIVING LUNCHES:  Sprouted Almond Tomato Wrap


Yield: 2 wrap sandwiches.

  1. 3/4 cup germinated Almonds
  2. 1 cup organic Cherry Tomatoes
  3. 2 organic Collard Greens
  4. 3 Tbsp. Garlic and Herb Olive Oil. ~ Of course if you don’t have this oil, please use cold pressed olive oil and a dash of Oregano, Basil, Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Simply place all ingredients in food processor with chop tool and pulse until mixed to desired consistancy.  I like it chunky.

Rinse collard green and put spine down on plate. Spoon almond tomato mixture unto collard green, wrap and ENJOY. Easy breezy, and power packed.




**You can buy all the ingredients, (except the oil) in the bulk and produce sections without plastic or packaging when you use our GrainSacs and GardenSacs made from orgainc cotton mesh and muslin. Find them here

As always, thank you for being apart of the solutions. You ROCK!




Make your own POWER popsicles with organic fruit and chia seeds

Making your own Popsicles is FUN for the whole family. Bleached sugars and artificial colors are dehydrating for the body and have no place in hot summer fun.

Try combining these fun ingredients to make a variety of different treats.



Puréed mango
Puréed strawberries
Puréed banana

Sliced kiwi

1/4 cup chia seeds mixed with 2 cups water, stir and let sit for 30 minutes.

These ice cold treats serve the body with omega 3s to support the organ system, protein, fiber, and loads of powerful anti-oxidents and energy supporting nutrients.

I made these with my neices and newphews, they LOVE them.  Even the youngest at 18 months had fun making popsciles.


Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

Eat Goodness!